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ITRS wrap-up and some food for thought

It has been a little more than a month since we returned from attending the International Technical Rescue Symposium in Portland, Oregon.  This year featured a variety of excellent presentations on topics ranging from Two [...]

Bad Ass Pencil

The early season ice climbing sendfest continues unabated with another day in Eureka.  On Wednesday, the objective was Stairway to Heaven.  The climb was super fat and the ice very sticky. Yesterday, Jim and I [...]

Pike ‘n Pivot technique

This is a re-publication of a previous post on Pike 'n Pivot technique. There was a video issue on the old post. Pike 'n Pivot is a technique developed by Rigging for Rescue in the [...]

Early season ice in the San Juan’s

The ice climbing conditions in the San Juan's are excellent for this time of the year. We have had colder temps this late autumn and a steady cycle of storms to coat the backcountry in [...]

The whirlwind that was autumn, 2015

As I write this entry I find it very hard to believe that we are into December already.  Time marches by at the same rate for all, but it definitely feels like it moves along [...]


On May 18, a long-standing project of Mike Gibbs and Erik Weihenmeyer came to fruition with a successful ascent of Mt Huntington in the Alaska Range via the West Face Couloir route.  Erik and Mike [...]

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