Rigging for Sherpas

Project Photos: Letter from the HRA Abstract: In January, 2009, in conjunction with the Himalayan Rescue Association, we had the honor and privilege to be able to offer a technical rope rescue training workshop for the Sherpa climbing guides that work and respond in the Mt. Everest region of [...]

Rigging for Tall Ships

Project Photos: Abstract: Recently, a volunteer with the San Diego Maritime Museum contacted us with some questions relating to our previous research on lanyards. They had been exploring a new work positioning lanyard system and came across our ITRS paper from 2006 that addressed Purcell Prusiks as lanyards. The work [...]

Helicopter Rappel

Equipment Testing and Evaluation Project Photos: Abstract: In October, 2010, Rigging for Rescue, LLC, in conjunction with Yosemite National Park Service all-hazard personnel, conducted three days of drop testing and systems analysis on helicopter rappel equipment and scenarios. The testing was completed at the Yosemite National Park Crane Flat Helibase [...]

Rigging for the Black

Project Photos From time to time some of the RfR principals and other rope rescue enthusiasts get together for a bigger training project. This typically involves a long highline or a larger multi-pitch objective down a sizeable piece of terrain. In May, 2002, we embarked on such a project with [...]

Two-Tensioned Rope Lowers II

Project Video View the Complete Report Drop 8 Video: The BCCTR Belay Competence Drop Test Method of a 1m drop on 3m of rope with a 200kg test mass. This drop simulated a failure of one of the two lines in a Two Tensioned Rope Lower system. The DCD was a Figure [...]

Research and Testing on Contract

Does your company have a new product it is developing? Does your organization have techniques and/or equipment that you would like to see critically examined? Rigging for Rescue has an on-site hydraulic ram slow pull machine and drop tower at our home base in Ouray, Colorado. Research and testing on contract [...]

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