VT Prusik for Rescue Belays

VT Prusik for Rescue Belays - Abstract Rope rescue teams typically operate redundant two-rope systems with inclusion of a fail- safe mechanism for fall arrest. Examples include the MPD, 540° Rescue Belay, Petzl I’D, and Tandem Prusiks to name a few. Teams operating in remote environments with longer ingress/egress distances often favor lighter [...]

Mirrored Systems – Reflections From the Edge

International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) ITRS, 2015 Abstract: “Mirrored Systems – Reflections from the Edge” Author: Mike Gibbs, Rigging for Rescue View the Complete Report Background What is the primary objective in a technical rope rescue operation? It is to transport the subject from a place of [...]

High-Modulus Aramid Fiber Friction Hitches in Technical Rope Rescue Systems

International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) PROJECT VIDEOS Abstract In November, 2014, at the International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) in Golden, Colorado, Mike Gibbs of Rigging for Rescue presented on the topic of aramid fiber friction hitches in rope rescue systems. This presentation was based on several different testing sessions [...]

Multi-Point Anchor Equalization

Considerations for equalizing multi-point anchor systems International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract Building sound anchors is one of the fundamental elements of recreational climbing, rope access, and technical rope rescue. Anchor configuration methods are also some of the most [...]

Parallel Plaquettes

A lightweight rope rescue system using common climbing equipment International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract A current review of rope rescue systems reveals a wide variety of techniques, equipment and risk management philosophies relative to moving live loads over complex terrain. Some [...]

Rescue Belays

Important Considerations for Long Lowers International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract Incorporating a belay system within a rope rescue system is common practice in rope rescue because, although the probability of a mainline failure is low, the consequence may be dire. Mainline [...]

Lanyards Part II

An Examination of Purcell Prusik as Personal Restraint Lanyards Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract: In two independent drop test series conducted in 2002 and 2005, we examined the effects of a shock load on to various commercially made and user-configured personal restraint lanyards. Our primary focus in [...]

Daisy Chains and Other Lanyards

Some Shocking Results when Shock Loaded Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract: Over the years, organized rope rescue has evolved with respect to the techniques used as well as the equipment employed. Much of this evolution can be attributed to the borrowing of techniques, equipment and practices from [...]

Two-Tensioned Rope Lowers

Centrally Focused Bridle Attachments Project Videos: View the Complete Report Abstract: Many rescue teams operate their rope rescue stretcher operations with either: a single tensioned mainline coupled with a separately managed belay line or two tensioned mainlines without a separate belay line - often referred to as 'Two-Tensioned Rope [...]

Two-Tensioned Rope Lowers II

Project Video View the Complete Report Drop 8 Video: The BCCTR Belay Competence Drop Test Method of a 1m drop on 3m of rope with a 200kg test mass. This drop simulated a failure of one of the two lines in a Two Tensioned Rope Lower system. The DCD was a Figure [...]

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