Summertime in the Tetons is about as good as it gets for Rigging for Rescue training scenarios.  Once again we recently had the privilege to work with the Jenny Lake climbing rangers at Grand Teton NPS on their rope rescue techniques and general ropework best practices.   The week consisted of a mix of topic/technique review and dusting the rust off of fine motor skills for rope/device management.  But the majority of time and energy was focused on hazard recognition/management, command and control, systems inspections, and sequencing of events for optimizing rescue team efficiency.

Training exercises such as the multi-pitch scenarios conducted on Disappointment Peak provide an outstanding litmus for rescue team operational performance and efficiency.  There are so many tasks that need to be performed capably and smoothly in order to operate well in such a serious environment. The team(s) navigated the terrain nicely with sound decision-making relative to station location selection for overhead hazard protection.  Working out the puzzle of how to navigate through such terrain with multiple rescue personnel is often an organic process.

We have included a video link that highlights elements of the week. Enjoy!

Grand Teton NPS 2022 – Jenny Lake climbing rangers


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SS Jenny Lake

Upper Attendant – Cascade Canyon

Teewinot at sunrise from Lupine Meadows

Briefing multi-pitch on Disappointment Peak. Grand Teton in background

San Juan Pickoff on multi-pitch exercise

Team high on the face. Disappointment Peak

Initial edge transition Disappointment Peak- big air!

Multi-pitch station transition

Vertical litter – Cascade Canyon