Finding Balance: Patient Care in Technical Rescue

A specialized 3-day intensive workshop for previous RfR participants focusing on:

  • a critical thinking approach to effective leadership, size-up, teamwork, and putting it all together in a technical rescue as it pertains to patient care and evacuation
  • finding balance in efficiently meshing the medical aspects of patient care and the movement of the patient in technical terrain

This hands-on interactive workshop is tailored for medical/rescuers tasked with the patient access, care, and evacuation components of a given rescue in technical terrain. As we all know, an often overlooked aspect of rope rescue training is giving participants an opportunity to efficiently find balance with the medical aspects of a given patient care scenario and the actual movement of that patient in difficult terrain. Through thoughtful discussion, pertinent case studies, and hands-on application we will explore a variety of realistic patient care challenges in difficult terrain. We will then combine that with safely moving the patient, as a team, in the mountain rescue environment. CEs will be available.

Workshop participants can count on exploring a wide variety of topics and techniques including:

  • the importance of exemplary patient assessment skills for the medical/rescuer
  • patient care considerations in a variety of scenarios in the difficult terrain environment
  • patient securing and packaging considerations in a variety of settings and scenarios
  • efficient use of medical /rescue equipment and personnel in a given technical rescue
  • recognition of what interventions “really make a difference” for most patients in difficult terrain rescues
  • stretcher orientation and attending considerations
  • medical kits / new equipment
  • BLS/ALS considerations and limitations in technical rescue
  • pain management and medication delivery options
  • safely improvising and adapting in patient care and rescue
  • a reinforcement of safe, timely and efficient rope rescue techniques and principles utilized in moving the patient in both steep and high angle settings
  • safe helicopter interface

The above list is not exhaustive, nor is it a checklist. While we provide a curriculum, the techniques, equipment, and personal experiences that you and your team bring make this and every Rigging for Rescue workshop or seminar a custom experience. All field training scenarios will be in and around Ouray, Colorado.

Secure your place early as this workshop will fill quickly!

Dates: August 30-September 1, 2013
Course fee: $600
This course is only available to previous Rigging for Rescue participants