The winter weather gods have seen fit to deliver optimal ice-making conditions for the Ouray Ice Park ice farming efforts. Cold temps allowed the Ice Farmers to make ice 24/7 for the past week. Couple that with an abundant water source – that can be attributed to last year’s big winter of snowfall topping off the City of Ouray’s aquifer – and you find yourself waking up on 20 December with more ice in the Ouray Ice Park than we have witnessed in many, many seasons.

It was pretty satisfying to drop into Pick of the Vic for first swings on beautiful, blue ice. Ice climbers rejoice! It is happening this year in the Ouray Ice Park. Please consider joining us for one of our Waterfall Ice Climbing and Rescue Workshops. Ice climbing movement skills, companion rescue techniques, and team-based rescue approaches utilizing the unique medium of waterfall ice. Get some!

The Ouray Ice Park from the Upper Bridge – Dec 20, 2019

First sticks of the season on Pick of the Vic