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A specialized workshop focusing on the medium of waterfall ice

Waterfall Ice is one of the most unique mediums you will ever have to face as a rescue respondent. It can be brittle, plastic-like, soupy, and bullet hard – all on the same day. Moving safely and efficiently over this type of terrain is a combination of experience, skill and most importantly good judgment.

Rigging for Rescue’s home base of Ouray, Colorado is one of the world’s premier ice climbing destinations. Ouray is home to the Ouray Ice Park which hosts over 100 ice climbs in a narrow gorge just minutes walking distance from town proper. Additionally, the surrounding San Juan Mountains are choked with frozen waterfalls throughout the winter months.

If you or your team works or plays in areas that are home to waterfall ice, this is a workshop that you won’t want to miss.

The Rigging for Rescue instructors slated for this workshop are also ice climbing guides based out of Ouray, Colorado with an abundance of experience in this highly specific medium. You won’t find a better place than Ouray for increasing your personal waterfall ice climbing and terrain evaluation skills.

Fees: $1,195

The Waterfall Ice Climbing and Rescue Workshop is a specialized training workshop focusing on the techniques and subtleties of ice climbing and waterfall ice rescue practices. Content often includes:

  • ice screw placements and evaluation
  • Abalakovs (aka V-Threads)
  • a critical evaluation of load limiting quickdraws (aka rip apart runners)
  • ice climbing technique refinement
  • bottom-up rescue and lead climbing strategies
  • pickoffs
  • companion rescue including rescuing the ‘leader’ and rescuing the ‘second’
  • belay escapes and various transfer-of-tension methods
  • terrain evaluation
  • multi-pitch techniques and transitions
  • patient packaging for the winter environment
  • the use of deflection lines to deviate around hazardous terrain
  • team movement on ice
  • and much more

The above list is not exhaustive, nor is it a checklist. One of the hallmark traits of a Rigging for Rescue program is the flexible curriculum. Specific techniques & topics covered are influenced by the overall participant mix and their interests. Each Rigging for Rescue seminar or workshop is a custom experience.

Rigging for Rescue® Waterfall Ice Workshop – Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Personal gear participants are expected to bring:
    a. Note-taking supplies
    b. Warm, rugged outdoor winter clothing including shell coat/pant
    c. Two small pulleys (ideally Prusik-minding)
    d. 1 ice screw
    e. Ice tools (piolets are not sufficient) and crampons with appropriate footwear for climbing technical ice
    f. 4 locking carabiners
    g. 5 metres of 25 mm (or wider) nylon webbing
    (to construct a chest harness and connector strap)
    h. 10 metres of 6mm nylon kernmantle cord (or a completed set of Purcell Prusiks)
    i. 13 metres of 8mm nylon kernmantle cord
    (to construct a set of Tandem Prusiks and a Radium Release Hitch)
    j. Headlamp
    k. Helmet
    l. Winter hat and gloves (2 pairs)
    m. Harness
    n. Backpack
    o. Personal first aid kit
    p. Personal descent control device. Specifically a device that includes a plaquette style auto locking feature (e.g. Black Diamond ATC Guide, Kong GiGi, etc.).
  2. Optional equipment:
    a. Dyneema/Spectra runners
    b. Specialty ropes or cord you would like to see used and/or evaluated.
    c. Anything that has proved to be, is said to be, or could possibly be useful for rope rescue.

We want to see what you use, how and why. We are looking for the best possible way and maybe you have it. Have you made modifications to existing equipment, designed and produced your own or have questions and concerns with equipment available commercially? Bring it along and we will share our feeling and findings so everyone can benefit.

Do you have printed materials and slide series you use for instruction? PowerPoints of practice sessions or real rescue calls? Training materials that have been used in other courses you have taken? Your favorite rescue book? Bring them along, too, for we all would be interested and active participation is the best way to foster a rich and rewarding learning environment.

We’ll begin at 19:00 on the first day of each workshop for an initial ‘meet & greet’ and workshop introduction. The training will continue for five full days (40+ hours) beginning at 0800 on Monday and ends at approximately 16:30 on Friday afternoon. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, personal equipment, food, and accommodation.

This workshop will include low participant-to-instructor ratios and a classroom located right in the heart of the Ouray Ice Park.

Fees: $1,195 US. A deposit of $250 US is required upon registration with final payment due two months prior to the workshop start date. Includes a maximum 4:1 participant-to-instructor ratio while on the ice.