Finally after a challenging week of work, we started laying mesh mats over the talus slopes below the Ruby Walls.  It was another day of high pressure. The favorable weather has really made the project achievable.

We got in another 9 mats today giving us 17 in total. We could use just ONE MORE good day of weather.  We got stood down for wind in the gorge this afternoon and that prevented us from finishing our third row deep of mats. Perhaps tomorrow AM.

Kevin and I entertained ourselves during the short wait for the wind to die down by trundling monster boulders down the north chute.  Many of them were launching clear over the highway and down towards the Uncompahgre river.

The crew has really been looking out for each other.  Our spotter on the top, Michael from Silverton, had to egress by rope due to the high winds and no helo pickup. We had supplied him with rope and also had given him the tour of the top of the cliff a few days ago.  He spots up top for bigger rockfall and prevents animals from getting over the top of our work area. Michael rappelled the 400 foot wall with aplomb and we made our way down the rope access path together.

Another day of injury free work. Let’s keep it up and stay alert!