At long last we are installing the RfR “Superstructure” this week. Local architectural metalworker Jeff Skoloda and his team at Skol Studios in Ouray were hired to fabricate and install a new training structure for RfR. We will have a large platform for over-the-edge scenarios, an inside drop tower for systems testing, and a full rope access platform.

The structure should be finished within a week and then our intent is to offer some SPRAT courses here in Ouray. Additionally, any open enrollment offering in Ouray is going to benefit greatly from user-friendly on-rope scenarios in inclement weather as well as the ability to participate in “quick look” drop testing examinations.  One of the best educational methods in ropework is to be able to practice a concept with true suspended weight as opposed to mocking up a scenario on flat ground off a tree, for example. The new Superstructure will allow for the entire array of practice scenarios such as knot passes, pickoffs, and litter lowers/raises – all connected to our current classroom facility. We are super stoked!