Bring us to your location! Rigging for Rescue is the product of considerable research and development and has been given on contract to various groups across the continent from state fire academies to industrial rescue teams and mountain rescue specialists. When there are six or more people from your organization or vicinity interested in participating in a Rigging for Rescue seminar, arranging one at your location may better meet your needs.

A contract seminar enables you to utilize the geography, equipment, machinery, buildings and problem sites that are a specific challenge to your organization. Other advantages include reducing training expenses, providing training to a greater number of people and building teamwork. In order to ensure a “full” seminar and minimize expenses, some organizations have chosen to extend an invitation to other groups and organizations in their area, some of which they perform mutual aid with. This has worked well numerous times and can be fairly straight forward to organize.

Locations for outside exercises will vary depending on what is available and the nature of your organization’s responsibilities. If you have obtained prior permission, buildings, large equipment, and other structures are often suitable and would be of primary interest for industrial or fire service rescue groups. Even these groups however, should look for nearby rock cliffs to practice on, for those who “know the ropes” are often asked to provide help to others in such locations. Those whose organization’s activities would mostly be on cliffs may also wish to find quarries, canyons, caves or river crossings where ropework could facilitate evacuations. We will plan to arrive a day ahead of time to review with your leader the locations to be used and the requirements for the week’s activities.

Many groups have chosen to travel to Ouray, Colorado for seminars on contract – escaping the distractions of home and training on new and unfamiliar terrain can often make for a superior contract seminar program. Rigging for Rescue is a permittee on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest as well as an authorized commercial service in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and the Ouray Ice Park.

There are many choices of topics and we like to work with your group ahead of time to gauge ability, interest, need and likely rescues that you will encounter, in order to provide the most practical topics for your group while still providing the solid basic principles. The instructor would likely contact you 1-2 months in advance to go over these items with you in great detail and also discuss equipment and training locations.

Rigging for Rescue’s seminar curriculum includes skills outlined in NFPA 1006-2017 edition, Operations Level for Rope Rescue.  Additionally, the seminar content meets and exceeds the ASTM F2954 – Standard Guide for Training for Intermediate Rope Rescuer Endorsement. Organizations with strong technical rescue backgrounds can expect the curriculum to meet NFPA 1006-2021, Technician Level skills as well as ASTM F2955 – Advanced Rope Rescuer Endorsement.

Rigging for Rescue seminars have become the most progressive and highly sought after inquiry-based rope rescue seminars in North America – we encourage you to “tie into” a seminar and stretch your limits!