Rigging for Rescue has long been a source of training for military, paramilitary and law enforcement groups within both the U.S. and Canada. Our clientele includes USAF PJs, the U.S. and Canadian Special Operations Community, BORSTAR and other agencies.

Personnel from these groups have attended our open enrollment offerings as well as on contract. Our curriculum is attractive to these groups because of the style and nature of our delivery. As opposed to offering cookie-cutter curriculum, we instead focus on the specific goals and objectives of the group at hand and cater the material to their needs. This typically includes an emphasis on small-team approaches, minimal equipment as well as simple, versatile and lightweight systems. Our services can also include check-offs on specific skill lists (e.g. OJT) as well as basic to advanced instruction in climbing, skiing and avalanche awareness.

Smaller groups (1-3) should consider attending our Self Rescue and Small Team Response workshop. This is a 5-day workshop that focuses exclusively on personal skills, companion rescue techniques, and small team response to rope rescue challenges. This workshop can also be hosted on contract for groups of 4 or more.

Please contact us for additional information about customizing a training workshop for your agency.


Use the link below to learn more about our Avalanche Program.

Avalanche Awareness and Rescue Workshop 2022 

Use the link below to learn more about our Small Teams Program.

Self Rescue & Small Teams Response 2022