A SPRAT certification provides instant recognition and credibility for the Technicians who carry it, and the companies who invest in it. In turn, companies that hire rope access services will look for the SPRAT certification, and will know you offer the industry’s best in technical achievement. SPRAT’s mission is to advance the safe use of rope access through education, standards development, and administering certifications. Since 2001, thousands of rope access technicians representing dozens of companies and government agencies have been certified to SPRAT standards. Currently, SPRAT supports companies and technicians using rope access with regulatory support, networking, and opportunities to participate in developing industry-consensus standards.

Over the past few years, Rigging for Rescue’s principals have invested in their own SPRAT education and certification levels. And with the recent installation of the RfR Superstructure, we are now prepared to offer SPRAT training and certification courses at our home base in Ouray, Colorado. Rigging for Rescue is widely regarded as offering some of the finest ropework education in the industry. Our objective is to offer that same high quality of instruction in our SPRAT rope access programs.

Each day will be a combination of demonstrations and discussions, along with practical hands-on training sessions. Participants can expect a dynamic training environment that fosters improved decision-making, as well as development of fundamental tactile skills. By the end of the four-day training, participants will be well prepared for their SPRAT evaluation day.

Fees: $1,650

Please see the complete list of Evaluation Criteria here:

Rigging for Rescue Seminar – Personal Protective Equipment

Personal gear participants are expected to bring:

  • Note-taking supplies
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Leather gloves
  • Computer or Tablet for online Testing

Rigging for Rescue will provide all of the technical gear used during this training seminar.

Rope Access Training is 5 full days (45+ hours) and runs from 08:00 Monday to approximately 17:00 Friday. The 5th day is for evaluation. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, food, and accommodation.

Fees: $1,650 US per person.