Rigging is an art, which must be learned. No art can be taught by rote.

Rigging for Rescue® offers a technical ropework seminar that is renowned for its focus on applying the critical thinking and systems analysis skills required to competently incorporate ropework and rigging into effective rescue systems. The emphasis is on encouraging participants to become knowledgeable in the principles and concepts of rigging techniques rather than just having them learn by rote.

“Knowledge provides understanding, skill provides ability, practice provides proficiency, and from these, together with experience, comes judgment.”

Only the concentration, appreciation, and true understanding found in a serious course of study can lead to becoming a truly artful rigger. Polishing the art of rigging to a high level is the only way to ensure that an experienced rescue team has the skills, knowledge and flexibility to adjust to the immense diversity of real rescue situations. Ropes, pulleys and friction devices are the heart of rope rescue. Rigging for Rescue’s advances come not from technocratic gadgetry but by finding and reapplying knowledge that has been lost to us since the days of shipping by sail, farming by horsepower and engineering on a human scale that have passed us by. The content may seem revolutionary, but it is primarily the renewal of the knowledge that previous generations found essential for life and their livelihoods.


Rigging for Rescue’s cadre of instructors is a mix of highly skilled trainers all with an abundance of experience in SAR and technical ropework instruction.

We are well versed in the craft of taking the sometimes complex subject matter of technical ropework and imparting it in such a way that the seminar participant not only gains understanding, but also retention of the material.

First and foremost, our instructors are all seasoned practitioners. As alpinists, skiers, climbing guides, firefighters and SAR team members, we spend our time working and playing at height on rope. The skills and knowledge gained from being an active practitioner in high consequence terrain help us in being more effective trainers.

Technical rope rescue is an access and transportation challenge. It involves risk assessment and decision making, both of which require judgment. Our instructor cadre brings a wealth of practical experience and knowledge that spans most of the mediums one would encounter in technical rope rescue including rock, ice, snow, high alpine, glacier, water and industrial terrain. Our continued philosophy is to focus on a principle-based approach to problem solving with an emphasis on simple, lightweight and versatile systems that combine a comfortable patient ride with high degrees of system integrity.

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