This season’s Grand Teton NPS seminar included multiple areas of focus:

  • a critical analysis of Two-Tensioned Rope Systems and the best practices for where, when, how, and why
  • the MPD
  • snow anchoring techniques and devices
  • polishing command & control
  • and the use of smaller diameter ropes and lighter gear/systems for remote mountain rescue including a review of Parallel Plaquettes

This year we had a unique opportunity to utilize Baxter’s Pinnacle as a rope rescue training venue. Baxter’s is perhaps the Tetons most “classic” one-day multi-pitch trad climb. However, a springtime ascent of Baxter’s is often prevented due to seasonal raptor nesting closure. This year there were no nesting peregrines at the time of our training. We capitalized on the opportunity and conducted a fantastic multi-element rope rescue that included a multi-pitch lower to a 400m Guiding Line all the way down to the horse trail. The entire operation took just under 6 hours- from team brief to de-rig finish- and offered the mock patient a very gentle ride across some horrendous talus.

It is always a privilege to train with the Jenny Lake climbing ranger cadre.

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