Steep slope work above the fjord

Vertical litter transitions over abrupt edge

Iceland’s largest tree anchor

Akureyri in the background

The Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE SAR) has been attending Rigging for Rescue seminars going back to 2007. Our trips to Iceland have covered many cliffs and crags on this spectacular island nation. 2021 marked our 7th trip to Iceland and one that was hard-earned after a couple of Covid-related rescheduling snafus.

ICE SAR is the umbrella organization for around 96 SAR teams. Each comprised of around 30 members. That means for a small nation of 300,000, nearly 1/100 are active SAR personnel. Respect!

This trip we started up north in the village of Akureyri.  This is near some of Iceland’s best backcountry skiing terrain and it also has an abundance of cliffs and crags for SAR training. We were treated to mostly dry, albeit cool weather and had a great week of ropework and rigging.