Our recent spring open enrollment offering of RfR Specialty Techniques included a diverse group of practitioners. We had folks from mountain rescue teams, special operations community members, and  even a participant from the Danish navy.

Topics and techniques explored included:

  • a detailed discussion of artificial high directionals including the construction and use of a Sideways A-Frame bipod
  • a mid-face litter pickoff 
  • the Kootenay Highline System in a spectacular location across the Ouray Ice Park gorge
  • the San Juan Pickoff along with multi-pitch transitions 
  • and much more
    Kootenay Highline System

    Mid-face litter pickoff

    Station management at a hanging belay

    Multi-pitch transition using the San Juan Pickoff

    Sideways A-Frame
The last exercise was particularly challenging as it included a hanging belay transition – similar to what you would find in a big wall setting.  When you cannot unweight the system via a stance, all of the tension transfer tools in your toolbox need to be well applied and carefully considered.  In a hanging belay, it is very “self critiquing” when you don’t get the steps just right.