The RfR superstructure is pretty well finished. There are just a couple of minor remaining items to button up. However, the structure is functional and we have taken some laps on it at this point. Last week, the engineer came down to test all of the anchor points and various beams. The anchor points were all pulled to 2,000-2,500 lbs. The structural beams were pulled in two places up to 4,500lbs.  All of the proof tests were satisfactory and we were issued our engineering stamp for the structure.

Engineering Stamp

We are currently hosting a Rope Rescue I: Fundamentals Seminar. The feedback from the RfR instructor as well as gathered participants has been very positive. It is easy to keep an eye on all of the facets of the training evolution. Plus there is enough space for all of the participants to be working on multiple skills at the same time. It makes for an excellent step-change transition from dry land practice to the outside field exercises.

Vertical wall for edge transitions, partner rescue, vertical aid climbing, etc.

Our next step is to host an official SPRAT Certification rope access course. We are planning to have our first SPRAT offering sometime in early November of this year. This will allow for candidates to upgrade (or re-certify) before the November 16 SPRAT deadline associated with Covid-19 grandfathering. We anticipate SPRAT certification offerings on a regular basis in 2021.

The Superstructure has been a literal and metaphorical work-in-progress for many years now. We are pretty stoked to see it finished! We think it will be a real game-changer for folks attending RfR events in Ouray. And we are very excited to step into the rope access SPRAT training world.

The classroom space is open and right next to the top deck. This allows for efficient movement from the classroom session to on-rope practice.