We recently wrapped up one of our semi-annual Rigging for Rescue Self Rescue and Small Teams Response workshops. For the backcountry trad climber and mountain rescue “hasty team” respondent, it represents just about the best quality material that RfR offers in ropework and rigging.

Our new indoor training facility provides an excellent venue for honing the details of some of the counter-balance partner rescue techniques. We then apply those in the field on realistic training scenarios such as a multi-pitch ascent, lead climber pickoff, and then 2-rope descent with station transitions.  No specialized devices are used during the week – only specialized techniques. All of the problem-solving is conducted with ATCs, friction hitches, mechanical advantage, and tension transfer systems. In addition to the partner rescue scenarios, we also covered lightweight team-based pickoffs and litter scenarios with minimal resources.

One of the highlights for the group was the surprise Tyrolean Traverse over the raging Uncompahgre Gorge to access the multi-pitch climbing route.

Our next Small Teams offering is scheduled for 30 Sept – 4 Oct in Ouray.


Rescue the Leader at RfR training facility

Leader Rescue high on a multi-pitch route

Multi-pitch station transition