The summer RfR season proved to be a whirlwind. We traveled near and far working with a variety of rescue teams from very different backgrounds and mission profiles. Continued areas of participant interest included:

  • pros and cons of Two Tensioned systems and how/when/why to apply them effectively
  • use of the VT Prusik in rescue systems as both a rope grab and a fall arrest device
  • optimization of the overall team and managing human factors

Rigging for Rescue principals Kevin Koprek and Mike Gibbs are slated to present new information to the rescue community on the above topics at the upcoming International Technical Rescue Symposium to be held in Albuquerque, NM in early November.  For several years now, we have been conducting drop tests incorporating live device operators. These tests have included a variety of devices, systems, and rope tensioning approaches including the VT Prusik, ATCs & Scarabs with Prusik backups, and the MPD.  We look forward to sharing the results.

Companion Rescue in our Small Teams Workshop

Edge vectoring with vertical litter orientation

Multi-pitch snow lower in the Tetons

Team briefing