Good times with the slow pull machine

In November of last year, the Rescue Program Coordinator from Rocky Mountain Fire visited us in Ouray with an interesting question: can wildland firefighters use their fire hose as anchor material in an improvised rescue scenario? The following videos show two pulls that we did on a .75" forestry hose (commonly referred to as a [...]

New Course Offering: Self Rescue and Small Team Response Workshop

Climbers, guides, mountain rescue practitioners, and military personnel are who we had in mind in crafting the Self Rescue and Small Team Response 5-day workshop.  The workshop will focus exclusively on personal and self rescue ropework techniques as well as some improvised small team approaches to realistic rope rescue challenges.

Springtime in the Valley…

Rigging for Rescue offers two open enrollment seminars each Spring in California's Yosemite Valley.  The March 31-April 6 seminar already has a waiting list, but there are spots still remaining in the March 3-9 offering.  More information about seminars in the Valley can be found on our website here:  

Today at Rigging for Rescue…

Day four of the Waterfall Ice Rescue Workshop featured a multi-pitch lower in the Skylight climbing area.  Kevin took some photos of the operation from the top of the second pitch. Enjoy! Troy Couture leading pitch 1 Mike Kingsbury topping out on pitch 2 Moving the load down the upper pitch After the station transition, [...]

Horsetail Mission

Members of the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team including three Rigging for Rescue employees recently responded to Horsetail Falls in the backcountry outside of Ouray  to assist an injured ice climber.  The team chose to use a Guiding Line aerial ropeway system to evacuate the injured party.

Ice Workshop 2012

This year's ice workshop will run from January 15-20 in Ouray, Colorado.  More information about this offering is available on the Rigging for Rescue website here: . Here are some photos from previous Ice Workshops: Rigging for Rescue also conducts ice workshops on a contract basis.  Contact the RfR office for pricing and scheduling.

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