ITRS 2019

We just returned from the annual International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) held in Albuquerque, NM. Rigging for Rescue has been attending and presenting at this event since its infancy in 1986 (NATRS at that time).  The symposium is a gathering of around 170 attendees to discuss, dissect, and debate all things rescue-related.  Having personally attended [...]

VT Prusik for Rescue Belays

VT Prusik for Rescue Belays - Abstract Rope rescue teams typically operate redundant two-rope systems with inclusion of a fail- safe mechanism for fall arrest. Examples include the MPD, 540° Rescue Belay, Petzl I’D, and Tandem Prusiks to name a few. Teams operating in remote environments with longer ingress/egress distances often favor lighter [...]

The Great State of Maine

We recently returned from our biennial visit to the spectacular coast of Maine on Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park. The training event brings together the handful of SAR teams that perform high angle rope rescues in the state. Given the small size of the state, it is not uncommon for the various [...]

Good times with the slow pull machine

In November of last year, the Rescue Program Coordinator from Rocky Mountain Fire visited us in Ouray with an interesting question: can wildland firefighters use their fire hose as anchor material in an improvised rescue scenario? The following videos show two pulls that we did on a .75" forestry hose (commonly referred to as a [...]

Updated Website

New content in the updated Rigging for Rescue website includes: -2012 open enrollment calendar for both the Rigging for Rescue and Update and Beyond seminars. -Information and photos for the 2012 Mountain Rescue Week -Information about contract testing -And selected testing videos Included in the testing videos now available on the website is this favorite, [...]

Destruction in the name of Education

Rigging for Rescue’s slow pull machine, dubbed “The Rack”, has been brought out for two recent seminars. Seminar participants were invited to test knots, anchor systems, hardware, and any other item that they wanted to see pulled to failure. Clearly these tests can only be considered “quick-look” and non-comprehensive testing. This Prusik bypass failed at [...]

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