Sunny Seattle!

We recently finished a fantastic week with Rescue 1, Seattle Fire Department.  The commitment to excellence and dedication to the mission within this Company - and entire Department- is remarkable.  Our objective heading into the week was clear: deliver a set of experiences that challenged reliance on gadgetry; focus on fundamental principles of rigging and [...]

In the land of fire and ice

We wrapped up the second training workshop with ICE-SAR team members to include some volcanic rock crevasse rescue scenarios, utilizing an artificial high directional. My hosts took me out for a nice hike to the active volcano on the way to the airport. Getting that close to a fresh river of molten lava was an [...]

Reykjavik Refresher Workshop

Uppylsingar East Sideways A-Frame near Akranes AHD edge transitions Vertical litter orientation Volcanic crack crevasse rescue The second week of our trip to Iceland included a Refresher Workshop for previous RfR Fundamentals attendees. The weather continued to be dry and cold, and we had some [...]

Highline in the north of Iceland

We wrapped up our first course in Iceland with a nice drooping horizontal Kootenay Highline System over a scenic river gorge near the end of the fjord. There was a humorous misfire of the line delivery device that resulted in a small delay in establishing the messenger line. However, the comic relief was well worth [...]

Icelandic SAR – Akureyri

Steep slope work above the fjord Vertical litter transitions over abrupt edge Iceland's largest tree anchor Akureyri in the background The Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE SAR) has been attending Rigging for Rescue seminars going back to 2007. Our trips to Iceland have covered many cliffs [...]

The Great State of Wyoming

BC Pickoff - making the connections Cradle Carry attending technique 2-rope lower to Guiding Line (230m) Upper Attendant position BC Pickoff Piggyback attending on a pickoff Recently, we hosted Tip Top SAR from Sublette County, WY at our home base in Ouray. Tip [...]

10th SFG in Ouray

It was our honor and privilege this past week to host military mountaineers from the 10th SFG out of Fort Carson at our home base in Ouray. The 10th Group has a long and prestigious history dating back to WWII. The 10th Group's members are often some of the American military's subject matter experts for [...]

April SPRAT Evaluations Complete

Last week we hosted a SPRAT Training and Evaluation with four Level 1 candidates and three Level 3 candidates. After a quick week of training we are please to say that everyone passed their evaluations and are now certified SPRAT Rope Access Technicians. RfR will be hosting more training and evaluation sessions starting back up [...]

Rope Access in Ouray – SPRAT Training and Evaluation

Last week, we hosted our first SPRAT training/certification for calendar year 2021. We had a nice mix of welders, construction trade personnel, a firefighter, curious rope rescue practitioners exploring SPRAT certification, and a Level 3 recertification candidate. All of the Level 1 candidates successfully passed their SPRAT evaluation and are now newly minted SPRAT rope [...]

Amphitheater Adventure Ice

Just prior to the big dump of snow we got this weekend, Jared and I squeezed in a day of adventure climbing high in the Amphitheater overlooking Ouray. The route was first put up nearly 25 years ago. This was my fifth trip up the face and it never disappoints. Very sweet to have fresh [...]

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